Hey there, I'm Alex Swire-Clark.


I'm an emotional intelligence expert, author, and award-winning speaker. Since 1997, I have been providing dynamic tools for improving communication to audiences around the country. 

I work with organizations and individuals that want to increase their emotional intelligence so that they can reduce conflict and transform the way they communicate.
I have worked with companies/organizations such as Make-A-Wish SC, Tenet Health, and Clear Freight.

Why am I so Passionate about E.I.?


Emotional Intelligence saved my marriage.
My wife and I were having some communication challenges early in our marriage. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were complete opposites in terms of our temperament. Through the application of Emotional Intelligence concepts, we began to understand ourselves and each other better. We became a super couple!!! We have been together for nearly thirty years. Without applying our E.I. knowledge we wouldn’t be together today.



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