The Rapport Advantage:
Dynamically Transform the Way You Communicate

On Demand Emotional Intelligence Training For Your Team

Create Positive Communication

Great communication starts with self-awareness. What is your temperament?  How do you view the world and how does that affect the way you communicate with others?

Build Winning Culture

Winning culture begins with social awareness. Once you know yourself, you can begin to understand the behavior patterns of others, reducing conflict.

Crush Unhealthy Conflict

Being able to adapt your behavior to meet others where they are destroys unhealthy conflict. People can easily connect passion with a common purpose!

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Every business experiences turnover.  You spend a great deal of energy, time, and money bringing a new person up to speed on job duties.  What about your culture? What about the different ways your employees and customers communicate?  From DAY ONE, The Rapport Advantage's On Demand Platform is ready to help your new employees get off on the right foot and immediately feel like they are a part of the team.


You have a dynamic speaker come in and speak to your team.  Fantastic!!  How much will your employees remember in 3 months?  Six months?  You know the stats:  

  1. After one hour, people retain less than half of the information presented.
  2. After one day, people forget more than 70 percent of what was taught in training.
  3. After six days, people forget 75 percent of the information in their training.

With the Rapport Advantage, your organization can keep top of mind awareness on the importance of good communication and conflict prevention, the foundation of winning culture.  It's easy to have your entire organization re-visit key communication concepts you want to periodically reinforce.

  • Over 4 hours of enthusiastic E.I. training in 9 easy to absorb modules
  • Engaging activities that help drive points home
  • Valuable handouts and resources to increase retention and application
  • **BONUS: Modules specifically for management including: Job Matching (how to use DISC to hire more effectively), Leadership, and Building Winning Teams

Each module is tracked for completion on an individual basis.

At the end of the course, the employee completes an assessment to demonstrate mastery.

They are sent a copy of their results and you can receive a monthly report with your team's results.

"This was very timely for the stage of growth in my company."

Ken C
CEO, Lewis-Price & Associates

"Interesting, Educational, and Fun!! Five Stars!"

EVP, Coakley Williams Construction

The Rapport Advantage:
Dynamically Transform the Way You Communicate

Improve Culture and Reduce Conflict Throughout Your Entire Organization


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Understand Your People.

Unlock Their Potential.

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