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The Soft Skills Companies Need Most

According to a 2020 LinkedIn article, topping this year’s list of the most sought after soft skills are: creativity, collaboration, persuasion, and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE—all skills that demonstrate how people work with others and bring new ideas to the table. Are YOUR graduates ready in this all-important area of EI?

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Intrapersonal Competencies

  • Produce Greater Self-Awareness
  • Discover the Lens Through Which Students Give and Receive Information
  • Uncover Their Personal Triggers
  • Develop Enhanced Goal-Setting Skills
  • Analyze How Does Personality Affect Student Priorities, Decision-Making?
  • Embrace a Greater Understanding of Their Behavioral Blind Spots

Interpersonal Competencies

  • Learn More About Others: Social Awareness
  • Improve Relationships (Roommates, Classmates)
  • Develop Dynamic Peer Tutoring/Mentor Programs (R.A.s)
  • Promote Positive Project Partnerships
  • Create Engaged & Active Student Govt. & Clubs
  • Reduce Conflict and Have More Fun!

Practical Competencies

  • Communicate More Effectively with Peers and Faculty
  • Find Purpose and Direction
  • Determine Vocational Competencies
  • Plan and Develop A Worthwhile Career Path

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