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The Rapport Advantage:
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Understand Your People. 
Unlock Their Potential. 

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Emotional Intelligence. 
Do your people have it?


Is your team struggling to communicate inside and/or outside your department or organization? Are you losing good people as a result? Are you losing clients?

My clients love having me come and speak to their teams to help them transform their culture and vastly improve their communication. However, what happens in between those times when new team members come on board? They haven't gotten the "Alex Energized E.I. Insights!"

The Rapport Advantage: Corporate Edition allows your team members to have this fundamental knowledge as soon as they join your team!


The Three Key Course Components To Ensure Business SUCCESS:


The first part of the course focuses on you. Once you understand the lens through which you view the world, you can begin to understand others. Self-awareness is the initial step to effective communication! 

Understanding Others

Once you understand yourself better, your circle widens to that of your co-workers, clients, and prospects. Helping discover why they behave in certain ways makes their behavior more predictable and less stressful!

Adapting Your Behavior

This is the magical stuff. Adaptive behavior meets others where they are and creates winning, selfless relationships that thrive!  If your team members adapt well to each other, look out! You might win team of the year!

Your guide on this journey is Alex Swire-Clark. Human Behavior Expert, Author, and Award-Winning Professional Speaker for 20+ years. 
His high energy and enthusiastic approach will keep you engaged throughout the course!

Practical & Tactical

This course isn't about "Let's hold hands and sing Kumbaya". It's about giving you tools to improve communication, increase behavior predictability, and provide clarity to the question:
"Why does my employee/co-worker always...?"

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It is my pleasure to help your team increase their emotional intelligence, reduce conflict and build winning relationships inside and outside the company. If things aren't going well now, do you really want to wait and "hope" things improve? That's not a great plan. Let's have a conversation and get your team moving in the right direction. 


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