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The Rapport Advantage: Grow Your Emotional Intelligence, Create Winning Relationships


The Rapport Advantage Course Library

Three Powerful Courses for your personal and professional life:

The Rapport Advantage *Business Edition*

This high energy course provides business focused insights which will raise your EQ,  improve your communication, and reduce conflict in your relationships.  How do I close more sales?  How do we improve our culture?  How do we hire more effectively?

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The Rapport Advantage *Couples Edition*

The Couples Field Guide course focuses on the relationship with you and your significant other.  It answers questions such as: How do we stop the arguments?  How can we grow together as a couple?  How can we understand each other better and speak each other's language?

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The Rapport Advantage *College Edition*

Colleges and Universities are constantly looking for ways to keep their students engaged and enrolled. The Rapport Advantage College Edition provides students with personalized content to increase their self-awareness. This opens the door to an understanding of all people, from roommates to professors.  It even helps them discover potential courses of study and career paths based on their passions and personality.

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Your Guide

An emotional intelligence expert, author, and award-winning speaker. Also, a crazy, goofy, 12 years old trapped in a 40-something-year-old’s body!
Alex's high energy and enthusiastic approach will keep you engaged throughout the course!


Transformative Virtual Workshop Testimonial

Check out Barry's comments after a recent workshop I led for a Charlotte NC based company.


Alex is fun, engaging, and delivers that content that inspires!!

Practical & Tactical

These courses aren't about "Let's hold hands and sing Kumbaya".  They provide you impactful tools to improve communication, increase behavior predictability, and provide clarity to all of your relationships.

Are you in the business world looking to close more sales? 
What about life outside the workplace? Perhaps you want to improve the relationship with your significant other?  
Maybe, you're a Student Life Professional looking to add value to your campus experience and increase student retention. 
Whatever the case, there is an EI On Demand Course to help YOU!
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Do you really want to wait and "hope" your relationships go well? That's not a great plan. Find the course that suits your needs and jump in!!


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