From Troubles to Triumphs!

Emotional Intelligence saved my marriage,
it can save yours, too!

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From Troubles to Triumphs!

Emotional Intelligence saved my marriage,
it can save yours, too!

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Hey there!
I'm Alex Swire - Clark, Human Behavior Expert, Author, and Award-Winning Speaker. Most importantly: I have been a happily married husband for more than 25 years and a father of 5 amazing kids!

Since 1997, I have provided dynamic tools for improving communication to audiences around the country. I work with couples that want to increase their emotional intelligence so that they can reduce conflict and transform the way they communicate. So, I’m working with couples just like you!

I have facilitated over 4,500 personality assessments in the last four years, using them as a first step in pinpointing reasons for miscommunication, providing correct tools to eliminate conflict, and helping couples around the country significantly improve their relationships.

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How do we move forward?

      Personality Assessments

Did you know that up to 90% of all interpersonal conflict comes from differences in personality? Do you want a simple and easy way to discover your personality traits and that of your partner so you can better understand one another? If so, my personality assessments will help you TODAY!

Couples Course


Are you tired of the arguments and misunderstandings? If so, my On Demand Couples Course is for you!
My high-energy-engaging format will have you laughing, crying, and most importantly, on the road to a healthy relationship for you and your partner.

Couples Coaching


Do you argue over money? Disciplining your children? Even where to go to dinner?
I’ve worked with thousands of people who want to communicate more effectively.
The information I teach helped save my 25+ years marriage.
It will help you as well!

How do we enhance our relationship?

79% of unhappy couples DO NOT FEEL UNDERSTOOD by their partner. Do you feel understood? A greater understanding of yourself and your partner is the key to better communication and less conflict. What are you doing to improve your relationship? Do you have a roadmap to success, or are you just HOPING that things will improve?

When you work with me, you will get access to tools, ideas, and concepts that you can use to immediately improve your relationship with your partner.
I combine practical information with an entertaining and engaging style (Dad jokes for the win!!) to create an exciting experience. Whether it be through my powerful personality assessments, my personalized online course, or comprehensive couples coaching, I promise to deliver a fantastic experience that will transform your relationship!

Improve your relationship today

Is this course for us?

How will you help us?

  • You'll Create More Productive Conversations with Your Partner

  • You Will Gain Clarity for Why Your Partner Behaves a Certain Way

  • You'll Discover Your Partner's Motivators So You Can Help Each Other Achieve Your Goals

  • You'll Get Powerful Tools to Help you Reduce Conflict in Your Relationship

If you’re ready to finally take your relationship to the next level while avoiding the thousands of dollars in counseling or expensive marriage retreats,
 my course is for you!

Take Control of Your Relationship

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Where are the testimonials?

Very thought-provoking.  Sharpens focus on EI awareness and how to manage who I am.


David Lincoln, CEO of Fantastic

Wonderful application of DISC. I’ve heard DISC presentations a few times now and this is my favorite, AND WILL STICK!

Jill Howe, Nidec Minister

Everything was detailed and engaging. This will help me in both my personal and professional life.


Becky Steele, CEO of Outdoor Elements

A dynamic speaker that can deliver the message in an engaging manner. I really enjoyed it. Absolutely fantastic! Everything is actionable and implementable. I love your energy. So engaging. Great job!

 S.O.,  Parks Chevrolet

I really liked the SIMPLICITY. These things can become very tedious. Your presentation was just the right mix of technical and practical.


Drew Watson, Your EVP

Very entertaining and energetic presentation. A great reminder that people are different and motivational factors vary.


Drew S., CEO

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