How High Is Your E.I. (Emotional Intelligence)?

As an author, emotional intelligence expert, and award-winning speaker, Alex delivers value and a-ha moments that create a buzz and engaging conversations.

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The Top 5 Most Popular E.I. Questions (and Answers)

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Who is Alex?

Alex Swire-Clark is an emotional intelligence expert, author, and award-winning speaker.
Since 1997, Alex has been providing dynamic tools for improving communication to audiences around the country. He works with organizations that want to increase their emotional intelligence so that they can reduce conflict and transform the way they communicate. He has worked with companies/organizations such as Make-A-Wish SC, Tenet Health, and Clear Freight.


Interesting Facts About Alex

- French Horn Player in the Foothills Philharmonic, Greenville SC

- Captain Emeritus for the Southeast’s #1 Scenario Paintball Team: Capital Offense

- 80’s Pop Music Aficionado (Cheesy Love Songs FTW!!)

Alex has proven experience to help you break down the walls of miscommunication, increase your emotional intelligence, and build better relationships both personally and professionally.


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