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Business Edition

This high energy course provides business focused insights which will raise your EQ, improve your communication, and reduce conflict in your relationships. How do I close more sales? How do we improve our culture? How do we hire more effectively?

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Couples Edition

The Couples Field Guide course focuses on the relationship with you and your significant other. It answers questions such as: How do we stop the arguments? How can we grow together as a couple? How can we understand each other better and speak each other's language?

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College Edition

This course provides students with personalized content to increase their self-awareness. This opens the door to an understanding of all people, from roommates to professors. It even helps discover potential courses of study and career paths based on student's passions and personality.

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Your Guide


An emotional intelligence expert, author, and award-winning speaker. Also, a crazy, goofy, 12 year old trapped in a 40-something-year-old’s body!
Alex's high energy and enthusiastic approach will keep you engaged throughout the course!

More About Me

Is there a baby step to take before I take an 
emotional intelligence course?  

Every Rapport Advantage Course is based on DISC Model of Human Behavior. A personality assessment tool that will help you understand yourself and othersIf you're not quite ready for an online course, a personality assessment would be a great start.

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What can you expect from a course with Alex?

Alex is all about getting you to understand yourself and others in a fun informative way. The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be to make change. No matter where you are on life's path, there's a course for you:

Are you in the business world looking to close more sales?

Transform the way your business communicates, enhance workplace culture, and retain best team members.

Do you want to improve the relationship with your partner?

Rebuild an A+ relationship with your partner and get personal guidance on your individual journey.

Do you want to add value to your campus experience and increase student retention?

Help students focus on scholastic and career planning, learning to adapt their behavior to build winning relationships. 

Whatever the case, there is a Rapport Advantage course for you!


Find out more details and find a perfect course for you.

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David Lincoln

"Very thought provoking.  Sharpens focus on EI awareness and how to manage who I am."


Drew Watson

"I really liked the SIMPLICITY. These things can become very tedious. Alex's presentation was just the right mix of technical and practical."

Jill Howe

"Wonderful application of DISC. I’ve heard DISC presentations a few times now and this is my favorite, AND WILL STICK!"


"Took a topic that was of great interest to me and turned it up to “11”. Very interesting and insightful. Absolutely no critiques - even the music kicked!!"


Rick Lacey

"The energy and applicability to my day-to-day dealings was fantastic. I started thinking about current relationship and I plan to begin to “adapt” in my future interactions to get winning outcomes!"

Rodney V.

"Very informative and beneficial learning process. I would recommend this learning experience to any organization that wants a better understanding of its people."

Understand Yourself and Others. Unlock Your Potential.


Find out why 90% of all conflict comes from personality differences.  Discover ways to improve your communication and understanding of others.
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