Alex Swire-Clark

Grow Your Emotional Intelligence,
Create Winning Relationships.

Alex Swire-Clark

Grow Your Emotional Intelligence,
Create Winning Relationships.

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Welcome to the world of effective communication and transformative relationships!


I'm Alex Swire-Clark is a Human Behavior Expert, Author, and Award-Winning Speaker. With over 25 years of marital bliss and the proud parent of 5 amazing kids, I bring a personal touch to the science of understanding and improving human connections.

Since 1997, I've been empowering individuals, couples, and organizations across the nation with dynamic tools to enhance communication. My mission? To elevate emotional intelligence, dissolve conflicts, and revolutionize the way we connect.

Over the past four years, I've conducted a whopping 4,500 personality assessments. These assessments aren't just numbers—they're the key to unraveling the roots of miscommunication. By pinpointing these nuances, I provide tailored tools that obliterate conflict, enabling people nationwide to experience significant relationship transformations.

Whether you're navigating communication hurdles at home with your spouse and children or facing friction at work with colleagues, I'm here to equip you with the precise tools needed for conflict resolution.

Say goodbye to conflicts, and let's embark on a journey of effortless everyday communication.

I am a proud holder of the Vistage Speaker Top Performer Award for 2023.
The Top Performer Award is presented annually to a select group of Vistage Speakers, and I'm especially proud of this accomplishment because it's based on feedback from Vistage members whose insights and perspectives I've shared and valued. 

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