The Rapport Advantage: 
Transforming the way leaders communicate

The focus of The Rapport Advantage is on helping people build better relationships. Period.


Alex Swire-Clark, CEO of a remote-based workforce for over 13 years, used the techniques he’ll share to grow a start-up business into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Using a three-goal approach, he’ll disclose his findings in an easy-to-read and straightforward style, covering such topics as:

  • patterns of human behavior
  • decreasing workplace conflict
  • the most effective ways to lead different types of people.

Drawing on entertaining stories and colorful anecdotes, Alex provides practical applications for your personal and professional connections.
He believes that people with happier, more fulfilling personal lives make for happier entrepreneurs, leaders, and team members.

Without question, if you apply the concepts in this book, you will increase your productivity and reduce the stress involved in working and living with people.

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