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Personality Assessments

You and your partner come from different family backgrounds, traditions, and different cultures. My wife and I are no exception. We are both Christians; however, we came from different faith backgrounds: Protestant and Catholic. She had no brothers and I had no sisters. I grew up in the South while she traveled over the country because her father was in the military. Even with those and many other differences we had going into our relationship, we’re still together after 25+ years!!

There are so many factors that can cause relationship issues for sure. But did you know that UP TO 90% of all interpersonal conflict comes from differences in personality? 😲

Would you like a simple and easy way to discover your personality traits and that of your partner so you can better understand one another? If so, my proven personality assessments will create many “a-ha” moments as soon as the results hit your inbox! You'll receive the results SECONDS after you take your assessment. 

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My assessments are backed by years of research and are highly accurate. Over 90% accurate! They will enhance your communication and reduce conflict in your relationship. Sharing your results is a powerful tool for understanding yourself and your partner. Become an insider of EI knowledge and choose one of the 17 specifically designed assessments that are perfect for you and your loved ones.

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