Alex Swire-Clark

Emotional intelligence expert, author, and award-winning speaker. Also, a crazy, goofy, 12 year-old trapped in a 40-something year-old’s body!

The Rapport Advantage: Couples Coaching

Why am I so passionate about E.I.? The simple answer is: it saved my marriage.

My wife and I were having some communication challenges early in our marriage. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were complete opposites in terms of our temperament. Through the application of Emotional Intelligence concepts, we began to understand ourselves and each other better. We became a super couple!!! We have been together for nearly thirty years and have five wonderful children. Emotional Intelligence is a huge key to our success!

One of my many titles is Certified Human Behavior Consultant (CHBC). I use the DISC model of human behavior to help others understand themselves better from a personality perspective.  This information leads to dynamic positive changes in the way my clients communicate.

I am a proud holder of the Vistage Speaker Top Performer Award for 2023. The Top Performer Award is presented annually to a select group of Vistage Speakers, and I'm especially proud of this accomplishment because it's based on feedback directly from Vistage members. 

The upstate of South Carolina is home for me, my wife and our five children.  When not performing my CEO duties, speaking, and being a husband and Dad, I serve as Captain Emeritus of the east coast’s most well-known Scenario Paintball Team, Capital Offense.

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