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Direct and Impressionable people

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In this post, we will focus on two of the four personality types: High Ds and High Is. High Ds are direct and to the point, while High Is are impressionable and spontaneous. Let's dive into their communication styles in more detail.

High Ds: Direct 

High Ds are direct communicators who get straight to the point. They prefer concise and straightforward conversations, and they don't have the patience for long narratives or unnecessary details. If you want to communicate effectively with a High D, it's important to get to the point quickly and keep your conversations short and sweet. For example, if you're sending them an email, make sure it's easy to read and only includes the most important information.

High Ds can come off as blunt or insensitive at times, but it's important to remember that they're not trying to be rude. They simply don't see the value in beating around the bush. If you want to communicate with a High D effectively, don't take their directness personally and focus on the key points of the conversation.

High Is: Impressionable 

High Is are the life of the party, always seeking new experiences and adventures. They're spontaneous, and they live in the moment. High Is are also highly impressionable, meaning they're easily influenced by others' opinions and experiences. They value social interaction and love to have fun, but they can struggle with structure and consistency.

When communicating with a High I, it's important to let them be themselves and give them space to express their ideas and thoughts. They may not always follow a structured conversation, so try to be flexible and adapt to their communication style. High Is also value relationships and can be highly emotional, so be aware of their feelings and express empathy when needed.



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